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Whether you are working with networks made up of green startups, sustainable SMEs, organizations or students, a Thirdroom platform can help your enterprise connect, collaborate and accelerate.

Need a nordic collaborative platform?

Today we are proudly running two platforms with Thirdroom Software

A Living Library

Thirdroom – a spin out from Roskilde University

The Thirdroom Platform at Roskilde University is a Living library of projects, for students and researchers. Creating awareness of the research and projects being developed, empowering peer to peer learning, open science and cross collaboration, both within the university but also with the outside world.

Founding Partner

Real World Collaboration

HelloScience with Novozymes – An ecosystem of collaborators in your hand

The Thirdroom platform at Novozymes is used for facilitating innovative and untraditional collaborations between businesses, NGO´s, universities and governments, building access to an ecosystem of actors and new partnerships.

Founding Partner








Partner collaborations

Web of Life

Data for the people

We connect your projects through the use of FAIR data and with a focus on human centered technology. Connecting you to the right people, projects and knowledge when you need it across the collaborative web of knowledge and life.



Far too much knowledge and innovation is being lost in the silos and in translation.

If we do not accelerate cross-cutting collaboration, we won‘t be able to solve the grand challenges around us.


Real world problems, solved with real world experiences, by connecting the right people, in the right places, at the right time, for the right purpose.

Using collaborative software for exponential problem-solving and resilient innovation.


We facilitate collaboration through software, cultivation and LiveLabs.

And initiate collaboration with human-centered AI that connects people

We initiate and facilitate innovative collaborations between companies, NGOs, universities and governments, through the development of a state-of-the art collaborative AI and data powered white label software, with cross platform access to an ecosystem of actors.

  • Software build on 12 years of experience and a PhD into collaborative culture
  • Nordic Tech – Danish design and code
  • Fair and ethical use of data
  • Already established ecosystem of partners
  • System tested and used both in university and by corporates
  • Finding solutions for real problems, with real people and creating real impact

We facilitate untraditional partnerships and turn competition into collaboration.

Founding Partners

Right now we are actively collaborating with

Right now we are actively collaborating with

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