The New Nordic Tech

In the nordic regions we have a strong tradition for taking ancient and traditional methods and evolving them in a new context, giving rise to movements such as the new nordic cuisine, new nordic architecture, design and new nordic films. We believe it's time for the new nordic tech to rise.

Why a Manifesto?

Artists, inventors, entrepreneurs before us have made the flow and spirit of time tangible by capturing its core in a written manifesto. 

Putting words to a feeling and allowing it to be mutually recognized and accepted. 

As an opening, an invitation to engage, unite, support and create. 

10 dogmas for new nordic tech

  1. To express the pure, raw, natural, simple, minimalist approach and ethics, which we relate to the Nordics.

  2. To build on the already established outstanding networks, that represents our nordic landscape of diverse innovative cultures.

  3. To unite a naturally intuitive approach, with good digital literacy and respectful practise, supporting human centered tech and good health.

  4. To release the power of our technological tools for the greater good, by building on our strong traditions, roots and nordic values.

  5. To support trust, transparency, authenticity and encourage cohesion across diversity.

  6. To empower fair use of data and tech, placing the power and freedom in the hands of the users.

  7. To support nordic craftsmanship and indigenous knowledge, by encouraging artisans to pass on their skills and knowledge onto others.

  8. To empower critical thinking and independent thinking, freedom and immersion.

  9. To support social intelligence and human wellbeing, by encouraging knowledge sharing and the passing on of one's insights and wisdom.

  10. To invite citizens, makers, craftsmen, artists, researchers, students, scientists, companies, organisations, authorities and politicians to collaborate on mutually beneficial projects that can support sustainability and green entrepreneurship locally as well as globally.