The Philosophy of the THIRDROOM

In our interconnected world, it no longer makes sense to think in opposites, but instead work aligned with the power of diversity. Thirdroom is the synthesis of diversity, of the digital and the physical, the offline and the online, the explicit and the tacit. It’s the space of becoming, that all entrepreneurs, adventures and makers love to exist in, its where ideas take shape into actions and solutions. It’s the room for potentiality, standing on the edge of the unknown. In Thirdroom, we do not accept the world as it is, but empower each other to change it for the better, together!

Time to Look Up!

Less Tech, More Freedom

Thirdroom is founded on the simple, yet strong concept that collaboration allows people to make a real difference in the world.

Building on years of experiments, field studies and research, a tool for Digital Collaborative Learning, Science and Innovation, have been crafted.

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Collaboration - On the Edge of a New Paradigm?

Produced by Alfred Birkegaard & Katja Gry Carlsen

We went on a journey from Danish biology garages to Google's headquarters, to explore how the Internet is changing the ways in which we do science and create knowledge. Collaboration and accelerated use of the Internet, is breaking down boundaries and unfolding a new culture of learning, research and knowledge creation.

The Open window

Produced by Daniel Oxehandler, Willam Sloan and Alfred Birkegaard

How can the internet facilitate new forms of learning? We explored this together with Deepa and Jaya, two girls from a working-class indian neighborhood in Delhi. They are introduced to the internet for the first time through a learning lab at their school. Following their learning journey we are experience how mentorship and we-screen experiences, add to a fruitful culture of mutual and collaborative learning.

We insist on tech that does not disturb us, but let us work wiser, faster and with greater impact on our local, global and family environment.

Giving us the freedom and time to be “respons-able”, in its essence.

Open Media Science

Authors are Kristian Martiny, David Budtz and Alfred Birkegaard

In this peer reviewed article we explain the challenges of Open Science which is Cultivation, Communication and Collaboration.

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Network Insights for partner selection in new product development

An article by Pedro Parraguez and A. Maier

How do we find the right partners to collaborate with, when we are creating new innovation, knowledge and products? And how can we find the relevant research, in relation to what we are working on? These are some of the questions we explore in this article, that looks into the collaborative design process and the interplay of networks.

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We have extended our R&D, by are collaborating actively with our users

Here are some of the student research papers on Thirdroom