SolarSack started working with HelloScience back in 2017, where it was an idea from AAlborg University

A prototype was developed and they godt funding from the Novo Foundation, all was heading the right way.

The Pilot was rolled out and tested in Uganda, and they won the first prize at the RELX Environmental Challenge.

For just $5, they can purify 2,000 litres of water, that's a small family's yearly supply of drinking water.

From Idea to scale up

We´re proud to be part of SolarSack´s journey since 2017, and exited about how the team have progressed from idea to prototype, and now to successfully providing safe drinking water for 25.000 people in a refugee camp in Uganda. And with the new venture together with Red Cross a .... is a good example of how ideas and people can be empowered to make real world impact.
Here you can see the profile generated and the way the journey is documented live, on the way. Its not just amazing story telling, its the real deal and highly inspirational.

We truly see a brotherhood in Thirdrooms commitment to action. The HelloScience platform and the Thirdroom team have helped us tremendously in our development.

- Alexander Løcke
founder of Solar Sack

Solar Sack

The latest news from Solar Sack, is that after we shared the timelines from Thirdroom with a member of Red Cross, Solar Sack have now landed a deal to distribute over 25.000 Solar Sacks to Refugee camps in Africa.

See the journey here